Friends of the Mother of Divine Mercy Welcomes You
Our Lady has been appearing in Dublin since 1988. The instrument who received the messages from Our Lady is, on Our Lady’s instructions to remain hidden. Olive Dawson, who is from Dublin originally and is married and now living in Kent, England, has been chosen to promote these messages from Our Lady. As a special grace, in order to carry out this mission Olive Dawson lives on the Eucharist.  This commenced in September 1999. Olive needs neither food or water. She also needs very little sleep and has boundless energy, praise God.
However, we would stress that these special graces have been granted as a witness to Our Lady’s Message of Mercy to the World and  Olive Dawson states frequently that neither she nor the instrument in Dublin is important.  They are just instruments, Our Lady’s instruments.
Our Lady has asked that some of the messages given in 1989 be compiled into book form. In fact, Our Lady chose which messages were to go into the book and also the format the book was to take. In a message given in 1997, when the book was first printed, Our Lady said “Never before in the history of the church have I blessed such a book as the one I have given you.” Our Lady also said “I have given you the greatest sign that I am with you in every situation, this sign is that I speak to you when you open the book”
Olive devotes her time to traveling to wherever she is invited, to speak about Our Lady’s messages. Distance is no object!
Our Lady has also given us a beautiful Miraculous Image and asked that copies be made for the faithful. Our Lady has also given us a blue Scapular, which has the Miraculous Image on it. Our Lady asked that the scapular be sewn around the edges with gold thread to distinguish it from every other Scapular, because it is the Scapular of Her Triumph. It does not do away with other Scapulars or replace other Scapulars: its importance is that it is the Scapular of Her Triumph.
We do hope that this helps you understand a little about  “ Our Lady’s Message of Mercy to the World “ As we stated earlier, Olive Dawson will be pleased to go wherever she is invited and if you want her to speak to your prayer group or Parish please contact us. Help us to spread Our Lady’s Message thus helping Our Lady to save her children by leading them to Her Divine Son Jesus.