This testimony comes from an excerpt from an autobiography book written by Diane Mele entitled "Discovering Diane....A Journey of Self-Discovery and Finding True Love"
"Several years ago I received a book from my dear friend Lucille that changed my life forever.  Every day after saying the Rosary, I read a message from Our Lady's Message of Mercy to the World.  No matter what my concerns are, I am comforted knowing that the Blessed Mother and Jesus will take care of everything.  My days are so blessed and I am able to handle everything with patience and understanding.  It is a joy just to be alive and well. 
There was one occasion, after receiving Her message, that the Blessed Mother said that on a specific date I would receive a special blessing.  I marked my calendar and waited for the day to arrive.  It was a week before Christmas, and I was wrapping gifts at the dining room table when I heard a strange noise.  It was a crackling sound that made me think that I had left something on the stove.  I checked it out and the rest of the house also.  I went back to the dining room and saw the chandelier above the table slowly coming down.  I ran into the kitchen and prayed that it would not crash.  It finally landed on the table with the gifts.  Nothing broke, not even the chandelier.  If I hadn't looked up, the chandelier would have hit me and it weighed about 50 pounds.  I'm sure that was the special blessing the Blessed Mother promised me.  She protected me from serious injury.  I continued to pray to receive Mary's messages and look forward to each blessing.  There is one special message from the book that I cherish, Loving Me doesn't detract from loving My Son, it adds to the beauty of your soul.  I have always felt that Jesus comes to us through Mary and through Mary, we go to Jesus".
Diane Mele